Micron launches the 5400 SATA SSD – advanced storage for critical infrastructure

Larry Hart | June 2022

Micron Launches the 5400 SATA SSD – Advanced Storage for Critical Infrastructure

With our announcement today of the Micron 5400 SATA SSD, we are excited to bring our leading edge 176-layer process technology to data center SATA platforms. While the talk in tech circles is often about the latest technology, protocols and architectures, the fact is that there is a significant amount of critical infrastructure for which the current SATA platform investment is a known performer and while they would like to move to the latest thing, they just are not ready to “rip and replace.”

SATA platforms are, for example, just such a technology. They have been deployed for years, operating as the storage workhorse of the data center running critical workloads and services like business intelligence, noSQL, block/object storage, and even boot. At Micron, our goal has always been to bring our latest NAND technology excellence to all our customers, and that is exactly what we have done with our new 5400 SATA SSD for data centers.

With the 5400 SSD, we bring the world’s first 176-layer NAND technology to our data center SATA SSD1. This advanced technology enables our customers access to optimized performance – that is more than enough to saturate typical network bandwidth, as well as best-in-class mixed-use write performance2 without having to abandon the embedded base of SATA platforms. In addition, we support the broadest product portfolio3 to meet your form factor requirements.

The 5400 SSD represents the 11th generation4 data center SATA SSD from Micron. It is a proven and stable architecture trusted for generations by all major server OEMs5 and supports critical infrastructure around the globe. Since 2017, we have shipped tens of millions of units of the Micron 5000 series6 SSD and the 5400 SSD allows for easy replacement and upgrade of those existing SSDs and HDDs to up to 8TB7. The benefit? Organizations can quickly qualify the 5400 and realize the increased performance and longer life of their SATA platforms.

Additionally, the 5400 offers industry-leading reliability that is 50% better than the other leading data center SATA SSD. That means, the Micron 5400 SSD provides more usable life per drive and fewer failures while also delivering an industry-leading 5-year warranty8. The Micron 5400 SATA SSD is ideal for boot services and hard-disk drive (HDD) replacement with a technology that is performant and cost-effective while coexisting with your NVMe SSD environment providing overall platform Quality-of-Service (QoS) with excellent total cost of ownership (TCO).

With our new 5400 SATA SSD, data center managers can continue deploying SATA platforms with low power, secure SSDs for extending server life or new deployments that rely on the proven SATA interface enabled by the latest NAND. Designed, delivered, and supported by a trusted partner, Micron.

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1. The Micron 5400 was the first data center SATA SSD to ship & achieve general availability (June 2022).
2. Based on public datasheet comparison, the Micron 5400 MAX delivers up to 520 MB/s sequential writes vs up to 510 MB/s for the next 2 closest competitors (Samsung PM897 and SK Hynix SE-5031). The Micron 5400 MAX also delivers 65,000 random write IOPS vs 60,000 on the Samsung PM897 and 65,000 on the SK Hynix SE-5031
3. The Micron 5400 portfolio has 14 data center SKUs (capacity/form factor combinations that include power loss protection and data path protection) vs 12 SKUs in the Solidigm D5-4520/4620 product line and 10 SKUs in the Samsung PM893/897 product line, both of whom are the two closest brands in terms of portfolio breadth.
4. The Micron 5400 SSD is our 11th generation data center SATA SSD (P200, P300, P400m, P400e, M500DC, M510DC, 5100, 5200, 5210, 5300, 5400)
5. The Micron 5000 series of SATA SSDs has been qualified by all major server OEMs as defined by IDC server market share.
6. Based on historical sales data for the Micron 5000 series of SATA SSD
7. 50% more reliability and endurance than the other leading SATA SSD
8. The Micron 5400 offers 3 million hours of mean time to failure vs 2 million hours on all competing brands of SATA SSDs based on public datasheet comparison.

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Larry Hart

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