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Micron automotive solutions are defined and designed with safety in mind. We continue to drive and lead the automotive market with the industry’s first and only JEDEC compliant ASIL-D ISO 26262 certified memory products. Learn about the evolution of functional safety and ISO 26262.

The Micron SAFER automotive memory blog series

Vehicles on the road today are packed with more features than ever before, and it has become increasingly important for automotive electronic and electrical systems to meet rigorous safety standards. In our blog series, we'll discuss how Micron's SAFER framework enables our customers to make more informed decisions about automotive memory solutions.

Automotive megatrends and their impact on memory and storage

The five automotive megatrends — autonomous, electrification, enriched cabins, connectivity and zonal architectures — are transforming the automotive industry with a significant impact on memory and storage requirements for use in vehicles. Read about the impact of the megatrends in our new white paper.

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DRAM in safety critical automobile systems

Micron's comprehensive automotive memory and storage portfolio enables transformative applications with memory and storage.

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ASIL-rated systems

A transparent 3D render of a car with a legend and numbers

1. Airbag (ASIL-D)

2. Instrument cluster (ASIL-B)

3. Engine management (ASIL-C to D)

4. Headlights (ASIL-B)

5. Radar cruise control (ASIL-C)

6. Electric power steering (ASIL-D)

7. Vision ADAS (ASIL-B)

8. Active suspension (ASIL-B to C)

9. Antilock braking (ASIL-D)

10. Brake lights (ASIL-B)

11. Rear view camera (ASIL-B)

Functional safety is the absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards caused by failures or unintended behaviors of electrical and electronic systems. The Automotive Safety Integrity level (ASIL) is measured by exposure, controllability and severity, where the corresponding ASIL level reflects the severity of harm vs. the probability of occurrence. ASIL-A is the least stringent and ASIL-D is the most stringent.

Certified ISO 26262 ASIL-D Functional Safety Compliant

View the Micron functional safety certificates for LPDDR5 and Hardware Development Management Process.

  • Micron certified products help detect, prevent to the extent feasible, and control systematic errors
  • Our rigorous and stringent processes to ensure best-in-class design and testing methodologies are employed from product definition through delivery
  • Micron dedicated safety office is in place to ensure company-wide adoption of ISO 26262 processes and methodologies

  • Micron certified products help detect, prevent to the extent feasible and control random hardware faults
  • Our unique safety engine delivers significant benefits vs. traditional safety implementations1:
    • Up to 50% improvement in system throughput
    • >10 % improvement in memory efficiency
    • Up to 30% improvement in power efficiency
    • Reduced chip count and board area vs. redundancy based solutions
    • Realtime Fault Notification = best in class FDTI

"Over the past four years, Micron has invested significant effort in enhancing its development processes to meet the stringent requirements of the ISO 26262 functional safety standard to the highest integrity level, ASIL-D. The company’s LPDDR5 device family is architected from the ground up for functional safety, with innovative safety features that go far beyond current industry standard while maintaining compatibility to the JEDEC specification. These advances and the release of the first truly ISO 26262-compliant DRAM product mark an important milestone within the semiconductor industry and will enable the next generation of reliable and safe autonomous driving systems."

Alexander Griessing
Chief Operating Officer and Principal Safety Expert, exida

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Micron delivers ISO 26262 safety solutions

Achieve full compliance to a given ASIL level by including the ISO 26262 requirements of your product’s lifecycle. Select Micron safety-optimized products include innovative features to help you achieve aggressive FIT targets / ASIL levels.

Hardware evaluation report

Micron evaluates the product as a Class III hardware element and supports the customer with an alternative means to demonstrate compliance with ISO 26262-5. Download an excerpt of the hardware evaluation report. The full report is available by request under NDA.

Safety application note

To facilitate integration of a Quality Management product this includes product use cases, top-level safety requirements, failure modes, safe states and constraints, assumptions of use, etc.

Safety analysis report

This report summarizes results of Micron’s product failure modes, effects, and diagnostic analysis (FMEDA) procedure on our products. It’s an addendum to the Safety Application Note.

Automotive functional safety and the autonomous future

Micron is leading the charge to build safety into silicon to enable the autonomous vehicle ecosystem. Listen to this podcast with Melissa Uribe to learn more. Micron is leading the charge to build safety into silicon to enable the autonomous vehicle ecosystem. Listen to this podcast with Melissa Uribe to learn more.

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Technology to enhance safe driving

In this talk, Micron system architect Steffen Buch discusses the factors driving our customers’ requirements for memory solutions and strategies for them to address Automotive Safety Integrity Levels (ASIL) - a risk classification scheme defined by ISO 26262 – when designing vehicles.

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