Equipping our employee resource groups to foster inclusion for all

Michelle Hicks | May 2022

“Today I want us to focus on the waves that are needed for the sake of needed change because that is what ERGs are. That is what you are.”

These words from poet Sekou Andrews helped launch Micron’s second annual Employee Resource Group (ERG) Leadership Summit. The event, held through a virtual platform, enabled more than 300 ERG leaders and executive sponsors around the world to reconnect and recommit to strengthening Micron’s culture of inclusion.

Inspiration from outside speakers and Micron executives made waves with attendees. “Think about the impact all of you have on the candidates you interview, on the new hires you welcome, on the mentees you mentor, on the communities…you nurture and [on] the marginalized voices you fight for,” said April Arnzen, Micron’s chief people officer. “You make us all better, and you make Micron better.”

Jasmine Mon, co-lead for our Capable ERG in Asia, caught the wave. “I’m excited to share with members of the ERG the session with Sekou Andrews,” said Mon. “We can be a small wave that leads to big waves, and you can make an impact.”

Rewarding our ERG leaders

Over the course of the year since Micron held its last ERG Leadership Summit, our ERGs have demonstrated the critical role they play at Micron – stepping up giving campaigns, identifying non-profits to receive grants from the Micron Foundation, and delivering inclusion ally trainings attended by 99.9% of our team members. Team members established a new ERG, the Asian American and Pacific Islander Network, while doubling membership in groups around the world and adding 20 new ERG chapters globally.

More than 15,000 team members at Micron now belong to ERGs. Each group is led by team members who take on these roles in addition to their regular roles. Micron CEO and Black Employee Network Executive Co-Sponsor Sanjay Mehrotra announced at the summit that team members who serve for at least six months in an ERG leadership role will be rewarded. “Executive staff has been extremely proud of your accomplishments as ERG leaders … we truly value your contributions, hard work and [how] you’re going the extra mile for Micron,” said Sanjay. Micron is one of only 5% of Fortune 500 companies that reward ERG leaders for their efforts.

Developing, inspiring and networking

In addition to hearing from inspiring internal and external speakers, Micron’s ERG leaders also had the chance to develop their leadership skills and engage with a panel of peers from other companies, including the San Francisco 49ers football team, Google, Lam Research, Sunrun and Uber. Markus Achord from Sunrun noted how important it is for ERG leaders to tell their stories, “As I’m working with my ERG leads, I ask, ‘How do you share those experiences with others?’ You’ve got two audiences for everything you do — the identities of the employees for which the ERG was created and a lot of allies out there who want to help and get involved. So please find ways to bring them in.”

Summit attendees shared their connection by passing a virtual candle from leader to leader, country to country, lighting up this year’s ERG Leadership Summit theme of Stronger Together. Oscar Casillas, director, DEI talent management, told leaders, “Your passion ignites this candle as we symbolically share our connection around the world.”

Many participants (me included!) said the virtual summit’s two days left them feeling recharged and ready to focus on their mission to ensure Micron is a workplace for all, “When you walk in and feel like you’re embraced for who are, you show up and you want to contribute more because people really see you,” said PRIDE+Allies California Co-Lead Melynda Kassis.

Director, Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Michelle Hicks

Michelle Hicks serves as director of communication, strategy and engagement for the Diversity, Equality and Inclusion team at Micron. In this role, Michelle works to elevate Micron’s DEI voice with leaders, team members and external stakeholders to drive greater diversity and inclusion at Micron and across the global semiconductor industry. Michelle has received multiple journalism and communication awards. She is passionate about creating a safe and inclusive workplace culture where employees are empowered to have a positive impact. Michelle is a dog mom who volunteers as a youth mentor. You may catch her trying to stay out of the kitchen on the pickleball court.