Nand flash

QLC NAND flash memory

Micron’s 232-layer quad-level cell (QLC) NAND is a groundbreaking achievement that delivers a layer count and density unprecedented in QLC NAND flash for OEM customers. With its market-leading density and best-in-class performance, Micron's 232-layer QLC NAND enables greater storage density and design flexibility than ever before.

An industry first, again!

After delivering the industry’s first and densest QLC NAND in its 176-layer release, Micron does it again and is now shipping the world's first 232-layer QLC NAND.1 Built with QLC category-leading replacement gate architecture that delivers the industry’s best storage density and enabling use cases across client, mobile, automotive, data center and enterprise storage with:  

  • The world’s densest OEM production NAND.

  • 30% higher density than previous generation 176-layer QLC NAND. 

  • Industry-leading I/O speeds up to 2400 MT/s help provide best-in-class SSD performance.2

Micron 232-layer NAND

World’s first 232-layer PCIe® Gen4 QLC SSD

The Micron 2500 NVMe SSD is the world’s first and most advanced 232-layer QLC NAND-based PCIe Gen4 NVMe SSD.1 It provides best-in-class user experience and everyday computing performance.2

Micron 2500 NVMe™ SSD

Top three benefits of QLC SSDs

Higher density
QLC stores more bits per cell than its predecessor technologies, allowing density and cost-benefit gains. Micron advances these benefits with the world's first 232-layer QLC NAND built with category-leading architecture, enabling the industry’s best storage density and improved access times.1,2

High performance
Industry-leading 2400 MT/s with 24% better read performance and 31% better write performance than the previous generation 176-layer QLC NAND.1,2

Leading density, smaller footprint
Highest gigabytes per square millimeter versus industry-available QLC NAND for OEM manufacturers, allowing more capacity in less space, which is useful for client devices as well as high-capacity data center storage.2

Micron 232-layer NAND

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1. Competitors are defined as SK Hynix, Solidigm, Kioxia, WD and Samsung.

2. User experience scores are based on PCMark 10 testing in Micron’s labs. Performance comparisons are based on publicly available data sheet information available at product launch vs. SSD competitors per footnote 1.

3. NAND comparisons are based on publicly available information and Micron engineering data available at product launch for currently in production NAND per footnote 1.

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