Supplier information

In August 2008, Micron joined Electronics Industry Citizenship Coalition, now known as the Responsible Business Alliance (RBA), as an Applicant Member. The RBA is comprised of leading electronics industry companies that have joined together to promote responsible working conditions, ethical business practices, and environmental stewardship throughout the electronics industry supply chain. RBA members adhere to a common RBA Code of Conduct (the "RBA Code"), which addresses supply chain performance expectations for labor, health and safety, environmental practices, ethics and management systems.

Micron expects its Suppliers to comply with the RBA Code and Micron’s internal Code of Business Conduct & Ethics, regardless of local business practices or social customs, and as may be requested by Micron, to demonstrate adherence to those Codes. Micron’s core business philosophy is to conduct business with uncompromising integrity and professionalism including: 1) strict compliance with the law, 2) respect for competition, and 3) no actual or perceived conflicts of interest.

Micron will ensure that current or new Suppliers who interact with the company understand the expectations for doing business with us, that new team members will be trained on ethics expectations, and that the expectations set forth are followed. We have also implemented some programs to help reduce the cost of business for both Micron and our Suppliers. To help us achieve these goals, we request your assistance in implementing these programs:

Evaluated receipts settlement (ERS)

Micron is now paying for goods and services from the receipt data rather than from the Supplier's invoice. This process is known as Evaluated Receipts Settlement (ERS) and allows Micron to better conform to the negotiated payment terms by eliminating invoice-to-purchase-order matching and reconciling. This benefits your company by:

  • Eliminating the invoice process
  • Improving the ability to forecast payments
  • Reducing paperwork, mailing expenses and labor
  • Reducing time spent with the customer to reconcile accounts

To learn more about Micron's ERS program, download and review a copy of the ERS document below. If you are an existing Supplier, contact your respective Buyer to begin your participation in the ERS program.

Bar coding

Bar coding technology is the process of using a symbol to identify incoming material. The bar code for a product provides us with purchase order information, material type, part numbers, quantity, etc., by simply scanning the material with radio frequency equipment. Using bar codes eliminates the need for manual data entry, speeds up the receiving process, and increases receipt accuracy. This benefits your company by:

  • Reducing data entry errors which can cause delays in receiving payments
  • Increasing Supplier serviceability to customers