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An internship could help you define your career path. In collaboration with over 15 top tertiary education institutions across Malaysia. Micron's internship program is the perfect opportunity for you to gain industry experience, technical trainings, and valuable networking opportunities with industry leaders.

Enable a better tomorrow

We recruit students from all over the country to fill openings in our major domestic locations. Our openings span a variety of disciplines from Engineering, IT, Business and Logistics/Planning where you can help us enable a better tomorrow.


Annual internship cycle

Our internship program is scheduled. There are specific times for applying, visiting and actually interning. Make sure Micron is on your calendar if you want to apply to intern with us!

Internships are differentiated by different intake times, which varies by university and course of study. In general:

Public university:

- 10 weeks from July/Aug – Sept/Oct  
- 24 weeks from Feb/March – Aug/Sept 

Private university:

- 10 weeks (varies by student intake and it happens every January, May and September) 

Application Period. When Micron is accepting applications. Open in January, February, March, August, September, October, November and December.  Campus or Virtual Events. When Micron managers and recruiters meet with potential recruit. Open in January, February, March, September, October, November and December  Internship Program. Interns are on location and working. Open in May, June, July and August

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all internships are paid.

Micron attends multiple campuses nationwide to share information on internships and entry-level opportunities. Even if we don’t recruit in person at your school you can still be considered for internship and full time opportunities.

To be eligible for an internship you must be pursuing a degree (Bachelor’s, Master’s or Ph.D.) at an accredited university aligned with the position you are applying to. You will also need to meet the required availability for the position. For example, most summer internships are full-time for a minimum of 12 weeks.

Yes, for internships Micron provides options for both housing and transit. For new graduate positions, we will typically offer a lump sum amount based on distance from work location.

Micron has open positions across the world. You can browse for recent college and university graduate jobs or for internship opportunities. If Micron is attending your campus you will also want to check your university’s job board for Micron postings.

Yes, but make sure you still fit the associated criteria with the position and that your resume is tailored to the opening itself. Micron offers a variety of opportunities in Engineering, Business and IT.

Deadlines vary depending on the position, but we suggest you apply as soon as internship positions are available. Most internship positions are posted between January and May, additional openings may be posted between September and early December. The closure of the internship positions is between these periods or during the campus event timeframe such as during university hiring, career fairs or through other hiring channels.

Yes, please apply to any roles that you are qualified for and interested in. Again, we would recommend tailoring your resume to match the role which would include highlighting your knowledge and abilities that are request in the job description. Don’t forget to include information on leadership opportunities or volunteering involvement you have had.

We conduct on-campus interviews, phone screens, and in-person interviews. The content can range from technical to behavioral. Technical questions will typically be based around completed coursework or your problem-solving skills.

Download the Micron Candidate Guide to find jobs that match your education and experience.

Resume and interviewing tips


Make your resume stand out

Have a clear and updated objective statement. Be specific and quantify your experiences. Highlight relevant project.Micron seeks trusted partnerships at all levels of government, working closely with officials to bring global innovation to our communities in a responsible way. We work to advance our public policy agenda through education and advocacy, membership in industry and trade associations and coalitions, public affairs, thought leadership and political engagement.

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Submit your application

Join our Talent Community, find the career for you and follow the job link to submit your application.

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Differentiate Yourself

Engage with Micron at a campus career event and be prepared to talk about your experiences and goals. If selected for a phone interview, highlight how certain projects or work experiences translate to the role you are applying to/ Practice, practice, practice. The more you are familiar with these types of interactions the less daunting they seem.

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Add relevant experience

Continue to find ways to add relevant experience either through courses offered, research opportunities, or organizations. A number of students will take the same classes; how do you stand out?

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Jobs at Micron Technology

Intern with Micron!

Ready to work on real projects and make career connections? Do it through Micron's internship program. Internships are available now at many Micron locations.

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