Micron 2550 delivers exceptional PC user experience

Praveen Vaidyanathan | December 2022

This is a great day for users of mainstream client platforms with a storage solution designed to enhance the experience of business client, consumer and gaming applications. We announced today that the Micron 2550 NVMeTM SSD changes the equation with outstanding benchmark scores and PCIe Gen4 performance that surpasses the competition.1 Designed for a great user experience, it makes everyday applications faster and more responsive and, with its low power consumption, the Micron 2550 SSD dramatically extends compute time for battery-powered PCs.2

This exciting product is the result of years of listening to our customers and developing techniques that integrate decades of Micron innovation with the newest technology.

User experience is key

With the Micron 2550, we focused on the key elements required to deliver a superior user experience including outstanding performance, power efficiency and reliability. Greater performance means you can more swiftly load your applications, create content, save documents, edit videos and use your PC to its greatest potential.

You can do all this with better power efficiency, as well. Imagine you are a remote worker who wants to spend some time at the park with your children and get work done at the same time. The Micron 2550 SSD provides battery-friendly active idle power consumption of less than half a watt so you can extend your time and continue to get work done – all with greater performance than in prior generations of storage.

Outstanding performance for your daily computing needs

The Micron 2550 provides up to 5,000 MB/s sequential read and up to 4,000 MB/s sequential write performance2, which enables applications commonly found on mainstream notebooks, laptops and desktops to run faster and be more responsive.

The Micron 2550 also includes features designed to facilitate rapid responses from your storage such as predictive cache optimization, which actively manages data reads and writes. This enhanced performance is totally automatic—integrated intelligence for optimal performance.

Our customers also demand performance that improves the responsiveness of real-world applications and activities such as web browsing, 3D gaming, video editing and file copying. The PCMark® 10 storage benchmark simulates traces from these real-world applications and every-day activities to assess the performance of storage. Each test simulates tasks such as starting popular games, copying files, using office productivity applications and even booting Windows 11. The full suite of tests is shown in the table below.

PCMark 10 Benchmark
Score PCMark 10 Storage Score
File Copy Copying JPEG files to another drive (Read test)
Making a copy of JPEG files (Read-Write test)
Copying 339 JPEG files, 2.37GB in total, to the target drive (Write test)
Copying the ISO to a secondary drive (Read test)
Making a copy of the ISO files (Read-Write test)
Copying 4 ISO image files, 20GB in total, from a secondary drive to the target drive
Office Productivity Using Microsoft® PowerPoint™
Using Microsoft Excel™
Gaming Overwatch™: Starting the game until the main menu
Call of Duty® Black Ops 4: Starting the game until the main menu
Battlefield™ V: Starting the game until the main menu
Content Creation Using Adobe® InDesign®
Using Adobe Photoshop® (light use)
Using Adobe Photoshop (heavy use)
Using Adobe Photoshop: Starting the application until usable
Using Adobe After Effects®
Adobe After Effects: Starting the application until usable
Adobe Lightroom®: Starting the application until usable
Adobe Premiere Pro®: Starting the application until usable
Adobe Acrobat®: Starting the application until usable
Windows® 11 Booting Windows 11

The benchmark produces an overall score as a measure of storage performance ― where a higher score is indicative of higher drive performance.

In our lab testing, the Micron 2550 consistently provides performance that surpasses the competition in PCMark 10 Storage benchmark scores.3 The relative PCMark Storage 10 scores of the 512GB and 1TB versions of the Micron 2550 compared to its competitors are shown below in Figures 1 and 2.

PCMark 10 Storage Scores comparison of 1TB versus 512GB
PCMark 10 Storage Scores comparison of 1TB versus 512GB

Micron’s innovations, such as predictive cache optimization, improve users’ experiences and establish new category zeniths for PCMark 10 Storage benchmarks. Individual PCMark 10 Storage category tests reveal that the Micron 2550 SSD transfers files up to 112% faster, runs office productivity applications up to 67% faster, loads major games up to 57% faster, and runs content creation applications up to 78% faster than comparable competing products.4

Power efficiency and increased battery life

The Micron 2550 SSD provides power-efficient storage that enables you to get more battery life from your work and home devices. Consuming under 2.5 milliwatts during sleep, under 150 milliwatts of active idle power and less than 5.5 watts during active/read write – the Micron 2550 is power efficient and designed for low power consumption for daily computing needs.

Great reliability and endurance

The Micron 2550 includes a standard 3-year warranty and is highly reliable, with impressive endurance, which allows you to store huge amounts of data daily, for years, without worry. For example, the 1TB version of the Micron 2550 has a 600 terabytes written (TBW) endurance rating. This means you can write over 164GB to your SSD every day for 10 years – a lot of data and endurance for your daily needs!5 It’s also designed with a mean-time-to-failure (MTTF) rating of two million hours.

Affordable performance to speed your all-day computing

Providing a superior user experience with the right combination of performance, power efficiency, reliability and endurance for users such as students, business teams, casual gamers and content creators, the Micron 2550 is the perfect SSD choice for your all-day computing needs.

Learn more about the new Micron 2550 NVMe SSD:

1. Internal Micron PCMark® 10 testing metrics exhibit that the Micron 2550 SSD leads competitors’ SSDs. Competitors’ SSDs are comparable to the Micron 2550 SSD and come from the top five client SSD revenue market share leaders as noted in Forward Insights SSD Supplier Status Q3, November 22, 2022.
2. For details see Micron 2550 Product Brief at:
3. Internal Micron PCMark® 10 testing metrics exhibit that the Micron 2550 SSD leads competitors’ SSDs. Comparison test results available upon request.
4. PCMark 10 category test result comparisons to competitors are as follows: 1) Copy 4 ISO image files, 20GB in total, from a secondary drive to the target drive [up to 112% better] 2) Using Microsoft PowerPoint [up to 67% better] 3) ‘Call of Duty Black Ops 4’ – starting the game until the main menu [Up to 57% better] and 4) Using Adobe InDesign [Up to 78% better]
5. For details on Client SSD warranty see:

VP & GM, Compute Products Group

Praveen Vaidyanathan

VP & GM, Client Storage at Micron Technology

Praveen Vaidyanathan is Vice President and General Manager of Client Storage at Micron Technology. Praveen drives the future of client storage with Micron's global customers and leads the client Product Line Management, Applications Engineering, and Customer Qualification organizations.