Sustainability report 2021: A year of milestones and change

Marshall Chase | April 2021

Micron’s sixth annual sustainability report, released today, is a measuring stick for the progress of our environmental, social and governance programs as we engage more deeply with our stakeholders and manufacture technology that can truly transform how people use information to enrich life for all. Perhaps more importantly, the report serves as a roadmap on our journey toward sustainability leadership.

Some companies facing hardship might lower sustainability on their priority lists. But that’s not Micron — and that’s not our employees, our team members. Our sustainability report, aptly named “Fast Forward,” shows that we respond to hardship by leaning into our values and our commitment to communities, people and the environment.

In 2020, Micron took steps toward meeting aspirational environmental goals. We blogged about why sustainability was so important to us and the progress we were making to date last July. We built on that success by setting specific, long-term and time-bound operational goals for energy, emissions, water and waste. Our targets complement goals set in our diversity, equality and inclusion report published late last year, another important milestone.

In addition to the full sustainability report, Micron also released a progress summary featuring the major achievements in our environmental, social and governance programs. We invite you to read both documents to learn more about these achievements:

Here are a few highlights from the report.


Micron achieved remarkable things because everybody pitched in.

During the past year, we more deeply integrated strategic environmental and social considerations into our strategy and operations. Micron responded to the tumult and challenge of 2020 by innovating.

Through collaboration, we realigned programs across departments and increased support to team members, their families and the places they live, including committing $35 million to helping communities and people affected by the pandemic. Our Human Resources department became the People organization to better reflect its evolving services, which included increasing mental health care to team members. Each site responded to the dynamic nature of the pandemic by proactively adjusting the environmental, health and safety protocols to the changing needs of each community.


The urgency of the pandemic — as well as events surrounding social justice — required that Micron accelerate sustainability programs as part of our response to an ever-changing array of team member needs and global issues. So many critical topics demanded our attention, including climate change, COVID-19 safety, diversity, equality and inclusion, and concerns over social justice in the U.S. and around the world. We met each with tenacity and alacrity, evaluating and executing plans faster than ever before.

The sustainability report highlights several ways in which accelerating programs and collaboration between organizations spurred positive outcomes:

  • An all-time high score of 76% on Micron’s employee engagement survey
  • An 84% increase in membership among our nine employee resource groups
  • A 400% increase in team member charitable donations


Successfully adapting to 2020’s new challenges was possible because we were building on an already solid foundation of programs, goals and initiatives. That’s especially true of our new goals, which are Micron’s strongest environmental commitments yet. Much of the research and legwork informing the new time-bound benchmarks was underway early in the previous year. Micron kept its trajectory in advancing these ambitious goals even as we broadened our vision for sustainability and integrated programs in response to the pandemic. (See chart below for goals details.)

The continuous drive to strengthen Micron’s sustainability programs was recognized when we were listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability Index for the first time.

Micron 2021 sustainability program summary of target, aspiration, actions

Looking to the future

We should celebrate the tremendous strides detailed in this latest sustainability report. Micron has come such a long way. However, much work remains as the company continues our journey toward sustainability leadership. The benchmarks can’t be what we achieved in 2020 — or even how we compare to other leaders in the technology sector or beyond.

Instead, we must look to the future. How can we help curb global warming in the coming years and decades? What does it mean for Micron to support team members and provide leadership on social justice going forward? How can we respond to issues in one region and then apply lessons learned to all Micron sites around the globe?

That’s the hard work of leadership, and that’s the work we’re doing. We’ll get there. As 2020 proves, anything is possible thanks to Micron’s vision of enriching life for all and to the collaboration, innovation and tenacity of our team members in achieving that vision.

Director, Sustainability

Marshall Chase

Director of Sustainability Marshall Chase partners with Micron’s senior leadership and our 40,000 team members worldwide to integrate environmental and social issues into Micron’s business strategy and operations.