Autonomous vehicles are about to get personal

Micron Technology | November 2018

We’ve all heard someone declare that autonomous vehicles (AV) will take the fun out of driving. Impatient or timid, we worry about not having control when our car is ambling along at a moderate pace, or driving faster than we want it to.

But to use artificial intelligence, the technology at the heart of AV, doesn’t mean we have to lose ourselves, agree Simon Euringer, Vice President at the vehicle manufacturer BMW, and Vijay Nadkarni, Vice President at Visteon, a supplier of AI technologies to 25 automakers around the world.

In this lively Micron Insight ’18 panel discussion on “AI in Automotive,” the men discuss research into “Behavioral AI,” exploring how our vehicles might determine our preferences based on mood, time of day, driving style and more, and adapt speed and style accordingly—while also playing the music and news we like, alerting us to important text and email messages, stopping at our favorite coffee kiosk, and more.

And it may all happen sooner than we think. Watch to find out how soon all these changes are coming to a highway near you, making your morning commute more productive and entertaining—and your relationship with your car a lot more personal.