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Micron Technology enables rich, data-driven experiences everywhere

People and enterprises need to stay consistently ahead of the incredible growth of their data. Micron's next-generation 1β (1-beta) DRAM and 232-layer 3D NAND, along with leading-edge current-generation 1α (1-alpha) DRAM and 176-layer NAND, enable organizations around the globe to unleash incredibly rich data experiences and unbridled productivity.


1β DRAM Technology

Micron is shipping the industry’s first DRAM manufactured on next-generation 1-beta process technology. It represents state-of-the-art innovation from Micron’s continued investment in R&D and process technology advancement. Micron’s 1-beta process technology allows development of memory products with increased performance, greater capacity, higher density, and lower relative power consumption than prior generations.

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Podcast: DRAM process leadership: 1-beta LPDDR5X is on the way to market

First With Alpha, First With Beta: Shipping the World’s First 1-Beta DRAM

Micron delivers 7,200 MT/s DDR5 memory using 1β technology

Micron enables ecosystem partners with first-to-market 128GB High-Capacity RDIMMS


232-Layer 3D NAND Technology

Micron’s leadership 232-layer 3D NAND provides the foundation for a new wave of end-to-end technology innovation. With this industry first 232-layer advancement, Micron enables the best industry storage density, improved performance and industry-leading I/O speed. This helps unlock new opportunities for digitization, optimization and automation in client, mobile and data center markets.

Discover 232-Layer NAND

Micron Ships World’s First 232-Layer NAND, Extends Technology Leadership

Micron’s 232-Layer NAND: The Foundation for a New Wave of End-to-End Innovation


Process technology leadership: The basis for innovative products for all industries

Micron delivers the foundation for powering cloud and enterprise workloads while redefining the memory and storage hierarchy.

  • 1α DRAM — 40% higher memory density1 for nourishing data-hungry workloads and expanding AI deployments.
  • 232-layer 3D NAND — New six-plane internal architecture improves Quality of Service (QoS) for busy data center workloads through parallelism that minimizes the number of collisions between read and write commands.

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1 40% improvement in memory density when compared to Micron's previous 1z DRAM node

Micron’s high-bandwidth, low-power memory and storage provide a critical data foundation for the intelligent edge.

  • 1α DRAM — The promise of industry-leading reliability, ruggedness and longevity for safety-critical embedded, automotive and industrial solutions.
  • 232-layer 3D NAND — Enable performance for the edge with next-generation 232-layer NAND, providing up to 100% higher write bandwidth and greater than 75% higher read bandwidth than previous-generation NAND.1

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1 When compared to Micron’s high-volume 176-layer TLC NAND

Micron's high-performance, high-capacity, power-efficient mobile memory and storage provide the data foundation for 5G- and AI-enabled smartphones.

  • Next-generation 1β low-power DRAM — improved performance and new power savings featuresallow advanced smartphone users to perform more tasks without sacrificing battery life.
  • 232-layer NAND storage capacity reaches up to 1 terabit per die, with a 28% smaller package than previous-generationsempowering mobile content creators to capture and share stunning photos and videos.

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Compared to the previous 1α generation of Micron mobile DRAM

28% smaller compared to Micron 176-layer NAND parts or equal storage capacity

Micron’s leading-edge memory and storage provide PC users from workstations to ultra-portables with greater performance, agility and security.

  • Micron high performance DDR5 DRAM – with the performance and bandwidth needed by latest-generation multi-core CPUs.
  • 1α low-power DRAM — 15% improved power savings,enabling high-performance computing in small notebook form factors without sacrificing battery life.
  • 232-layer NAND allows huge storage capacity — up to 1 terabit per die— enabling significantly increased overall storage capacity for the broad spectrum of SSDs to suit various client form factors.

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Learn more about Micron’s new client SSDs

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1 15% power savings when compared to the previous 1z generation of Micron mobile DRAM

Industry leaders share insights on emerging technologies and data-driven customer experiences.

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Robert Hormuth of AMD highlights the need for memory and storage advancement to meet growing data center requirements.


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JC Hsu shares how customer focus and close collaboration with mobile ecosystem partners including Micron lead to innovation and superior customer experiences.


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Bruno Fernandez Ruiz describes how Nexar gathers the inputs from millions of autos and applies edge-based AI to enable innovations in safety and smart transportation.


Advancing 3D vision through advanced software

Jake Hillard shows how Red Leader's edge computing platform is transforming 3D image sensing with 10x higher resolution, programmability and scale.


Taiwan and leadership in the worldwide semiconductor industry

Global, pervasive experiences require an innovative ecosystem, in which Micron and Taiwan both play critical roles.


News from Computex 2022

Micron Ventures Fund II Commits $200M for Deep Tech Startups

Micron’s venture capital team, Micron Ventures, will be investing $200M in deep tech startups with its Fund II. Building on the success of the initial AI Fund, Micron’s Fund II will target broader deep tech innovations.
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Micron’s New Crucial NVMe SSDs Offer Fast, Affordable Options to Consumers

Micron announced the forthcoming availability of two new consumer storage products, the Crucial® P3 Plus Gen4 NVMe™ and Crucial® P3 NVMe™ solid-state drives (SSDs), as an expansion of its award-winning Crucial NVMe SSD product portfolio.
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