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Check out these insights from Micron's technical experts on workload testing.

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Identifying latency outliers in workload testing

When running and collecting workload traces of RocksDB, we sometimes see large latency spikes. With this blog, we talk about the methods used to identify the root cause of latency spikes in a mixed read and write workload. 
How to identify latency outliers >
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Eliminating the I/O blender: the promise of flexible data placement

Google and Meta have worked closely to introduce the Flexible Data Placement (FDP) mode into the NVMe spec. In this blog, our testing shows that FDP decreases write amplification by 60% for sequential workloads.
FDP and write amplification >
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Comparing Micron 7450, Samsung PM9A3 and Solidigm D5-P5430

RocksDB DB bench is Meta’s preferred workload testing methodology as it provides a good emulation of workloads at the query level and simulates precise RocksDB storage I/Os. With this blog, we talk about a test that compares the performance for Micron 7450 vs Samsung PM9A3 vs Solidigm D5-P5430 for RocksDB DB bench.
Micron 7450, Samsung PM9A3 and Solidigm D5-P5430 >
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Digging in: Cassandra performance with the Micron 6500 ION

Here we describe our deeper dive into the Cassandra workload featured in our recently published tech brief comparing 6500 ION performance to a competitor QLC drive. Bursty workloads require SSDs that perform well at high average disk IOs -- an area where the Micron 6500 ION excels.
Micron 6500 ION and Cassandra >
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Micron 6500 ION provides massive WEKA performance on AMD-based servers

Check out these testing results for high-performance computing (HPC) and artificial intelligence (AI) using the WEKA Data Platform software. We coupled this software with Supermicro servers built on the 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ 9554 and the Micron 6500 ION SSD.
Micron 6500 ION and WEKA >
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Drop HDDs from your object store with the Micron 6500 ION SSD

In this blog, Ceph object storage performance with Micron 6500 ION SSDs is compared to hard disk drives (HDDs). Read this article and see how the 6500 ION wins in performance, power and cost over HDDs.
Micron 6500 ION and Ceph >