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Micron 2210 NVMe™ SSD

Priced to move you ahead, the Micron 2210 SSD combines fast NVMe™ performance and Micron’s leadership in QLC value.

Won’t set you back (nor hold you back)

For the first time, Micron has combined the benefits of fast NVMe performance with our leadership in QLC value to offer flash capabilities at HDD-like price points.

The 2210 NVMe SSD is designed for the most data-intensive needs, with capacities up to 2TB. In addition to the high-density, cost-efficient QLC architecture Micron has innovated for the data center, the 2210 SSD includes custom Dynamic Write Acceleration, smart power efficiencies, and advanced security with TCG Opal 2.0 and Pyrite 2.0.

Offered in the popular M.2 form factor, the Micron 2210 SSD includes end-to-end data path protection, power loss signal support, and secure firmware. 

Micron 2210 SSD


Hard drives beware

More storage for less: the affordable way to transition client storage from disk to flash. Ideal for performance-sensitive applications where HDDs can’t keep up.

Performance you need in the capacities you want

Client devices continue to move rapidly from HDDs to SSDs, driven by QLC NAND and the blazing fast NVMe protocol. Fast, cost-efficient NVMe SSDs decrease latency and improve application load times and responsiveness.

Power smart for all-day freedom

The Micron 2210 SSD manages power intelligently, ensuring consistent performance while keeping your notebook cool and power-efficient. The Micron 2210 QLC SSD offers 15 times more power efficiency than a similar capacity, typical HDD.

Robust security to keep your data safe

To combat advanced security threats, the Micron 2210 SSD delivers enhanced client-technology security features and capabilities necessary to help protect your data, with TCG Opal 2.0 and Pyrite 2.0. Micron’s end-to-end security expertise in hardware and software development helps gives you confidence as you secure your data.

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Priced to move you ahead, the Micron 2210 SSD storage for client applications combines fast NVMe performance with Micron's track record of industry leadership in QLC value.

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