Micron Authenta Technology

Foundations for Secure IoT

Utilize existing Flash Memory sockets and web-based services to enable IoT device health and identity solutions.

Securing the IoT

Devices of all types are getting “smarter”, equipped with more compute capabilities, sensors and connectivity features that capture and process data outside the traditional data center—helping to build the foundations of what is often termed the “intelligent edge” and enabling powerful new IoT use cases.

As increasing numbers of intelligent edge services and devices are deployed into less secured, non-traditional IT environments, ensuring the security of the devices, their data and their connectivity infrastructure is of paramount importance.

Establishing a scalable, open foundation for enabling assurance of trust in these devices is a novel capability enabled by Micron Authenta Cloud Platform and Micron Authenta - enabled flash solutions.

Hardware-based trust and authentication is recognized by government security authorities, industry groups and security-as-a-service providers as critical to help ensure the integrity of technology solutions.

Micron Authenta Technology Advantage

binary code lock

Security By Design

Always-on trust/health measurement. Built-in strong cryptographic identity by design. Simplify secure device management from supply chain to provisioning and all the way through in-field updates.

Blue Dollar sign encircled with a blue line

Higher Security, Lower TCO

The integration of a solution such as a discrete secure element (for example, a Trusted Platform Module or TPM) as a security foundation and root of trust can increase hardware and software engineering costs. There is no price premium for Authenta-enabled flash devices.

Diverse and inclusive work space

Security with less Complexity

Security features built natively in flash memory enable advance system level protection with hardware roots of trust, without adding any new hardware components.


Select Density
  • 128Mb
  • 256Mb
Range: 128Mb
  • Width
  • Voltage
    1.7V-2.0V, 2.7V-3.6V
  • Package
    W-PDFN-8, SO16 Wide, T-PBGA, WLCSP
  • Op. Temp.
    -40C to +85C, -40C to +125C
  • Width
  • Voltage
  • Package
    W-PDFN-8, SO16 Wide, T-PBGA, WLCSP
  • Op. Temp.
    -40C to +85C, -40C to +125C

Micron's Authenta Technology

Adds Security features directly into flash memory for one security architecture for any SOC, FPGA, or ASIC

Micron and Tata Communications Joint Presentation

Demonstration of World’s First Cloud-based e-SIM

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